Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yummy Crepe Recipe and Testing the Freshness of Your Eggs

Fresh or Rotten?  

There really is nothing more unappealing than rotten eggs.  If you have chickens (or try to use the last egg in the carton after the expiration), here is one example of how to test your eggs freshness at home thanks to Carla Emery and the Encyclopedia of Country Living.   

Float Testing

If you want to know about the egg without opening it - which, once you've encountered hydrogen sulfide, is understandable - use the float test. Put the eggs in a pan of water. Fresh eggs will lie on their sides on the bottom of the pan. If an egg's a few days old, one end will tip upwards. If stale, an egg will stand on end. If plumb rotten, it will float. This is all because an egg contains an air cell at the large end of it. Eggshells are perforated through by tiny holes that would be needed by the chick for breathing.  Thus, with time, a part of the liquid content of the egg evaporates, the white and yolk shrink, and the resulting new space is filled by an enlarged air space.

Eggy Crepes Recipe
6 eggs
11⁄2 c. unbleached or whole-wheat flour
1⁄2 c. loosely packed brown sugar or a couple tablespoons honey
1 c. milk

Combine eggs, flour, brown sugar (or honey), and milk. Beat until there's air captured in it for lightness. Pour just enough to make a large, thin pancake onto a greased frying pan or griddle over medium low heat, turning when one side is done. Serve flat or rolled up with butter and honey, fruit sauce, syrup, Devonshire cream, or cream cheese inside.

Egg-stra careful about your health?  Chicken eggs are 10.5 percent fat.  If cholesterol consumption is a worry in your family, feed some or most of the yolks (that's where all the cholesterol is) back to the hens or pigs and shift the recipes to use pure or mostly egg whites. In other words, you could make scrambled eggs for a family using 6 whites and, for example, only 2 yolks.
Egg-cooking tip: Eggs should be cooked at a low or moderate temperature because a higher temperature makes the egg tough. 

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