Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carla Emery first started compiling The Encyclopedia of Country Living in 1974 and continued to improve, refine, and update it through ten editions. She traveled the country, enthusiastically teaching the skills for living independently off the land—finding your place in the country, planning and planting a garden, raising animals, living the self-sufficient life. Carla passed away in 2005, but the legacy she created with The Encyclopedia of Country Living lives on.
In 2008, Sasquatch Books celebrated the 30th anniversary of Carla's masterwork with the publication of the 10th edition of The Encyclopedia of Country Living. Interest in the wisdom, skills and advice from Carla's book has never been higher. Here at Sasquatch Books, we are pleased to launch this blog featuring excerpts and tidbits from this amazing manual of country living skills. We hope that it may become a home base for Carla's book on the web and grow into a community of like-minded folks sharing country living wisdom around the world.

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