Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Pinch a Penny

In today's world where food, movies, and countless other purchases are just a click away, it's hard not to spend money on items that you don't necessarily need. I personally fall prey to websites that allow you to "click-and-pay" all in one swift tap of your finger on the screen. Do I need the two-bowl Le Creuset set in a beautiful deep, inky blue? No, probably not but "Click!" and it's on its way to my home in only a matter of days. 

With a wedding on the way and a need to save for ribbons, cake, shoes, and numerous other marital accoutrements, I find Carla's advice on "How to Pinch a Penny" particularly useful. She wisely suggests the following:

Don't buy anything new if you can help it. Write what you need on a list, and then watch and wait. You probably don't need it all anyway. Never buy on impulse. Buy only what's on your list. If you see something you like, go home and think about it. If it was really that good, you can put it on next month's list. Attend auctions and yard sales; go to secondhand stores. If you can't find a bargain, wait.

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