Friday, February 12, 2010

Candied Flowers for Valentine’s Day

This year, how about forgoing the standard box of chocolates? Instead, why not wow your Sweetheart with a unique and delicate organic treat? Did you know that mint leaves, rose petals, and the blossoms of orange, lemon, lilac, sweet pea, and violet can all be candied? It gives new meaning to the term “budding romantic!”

Just dip the petals or blossoms in an egg white that’s been stiffly beaten. Consider adding a little additional flavor or color by mixing in a few drops of your favorite extract or food coloring. Next, coat your creations in sugar and dry in a 110˚F oven with the door ajar.

And, while we’re already thinking outside the box, you might consider trying another homemade treat that’s sure to be swoon-inspiring: Brandied Cherries!

Brandied Cherries

Boil 5 c. sugar with 2 c. water for 12 minutes, or until you have a clear syrup.

Pour that syrup over 5 lb. cherries (the small sour kind) and let stand overnight.

Drain off the syrup and boil it again. Add cherries and boil about 5 more minutes. Take out cherries with a skimmer (the kind with holes in it to let the juice drain away) and put the cherries into canning jars.

Boil the syrup down 15 more minutes. It should be getting pretty thick. Add 2 c. brandy.

Remove from heat. Pour over cherries and seal.

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